Discover the Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Products

If you are searching for ways to boost your health, look no further than Organo™ products. They are unique because Organo is the only North American company that partners with the largest certified organic Ganoderma plantation in the world. This plantation is located amidst the serene Wagyu Mountains in Asia, where the mushrooms for Organo products are grown on natural logs, unlike some other companies. Organo has a patented process for extracting Reishi spores, which means their unique formula cannot be duplicated. Plus, their products are tested for mold and mycotoxins, ensuring the highest quality.

The Miraculous King of Herbs: Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma, have been used for over 2,000 years in China as the “Miraculous King of Herbs”. There are over 3,000 PubMed studies documenting the incredible health benefits of Ganoderma which you can search here

These mushrooms have been shown to help modulate blood sugar, enhance cognitive function, support mood, and improve sleep.

Reishi mushrooms have also shown therapeutic benefits in trial studies for 11 types of cancer and have anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-tumor, and anti-viral properties. They are protective against EMFs, help in detoxification, reduce inflammation, heal leaky gut, and regulate pH levels. They are also high in antioxidants and have been shown to reverse amyloid plaque in the brain in trial studies.


Understanding the Differences Between the Organo™ Coffee Options

Organo offers different types of coffee but the top 3 are: Black Coffee, Royal Black, and King Coffee.

  • The “Black” coffee is a darker roast and contains organic Reishi fruiting body powder (Ganoderma lucidum), promoting healthier detoxification.
  • The “King” coffee is organic and contains organic Reishi spores, offering the most benefits due to its potent spores.
  • The “Royal Black” is also a darker roast containing three mushroom blends: Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, great for energy and focus support!

How to purchase Organo products

Samples: You can order 5-day sample packs to try (including shipping)

Retail: You can buy a box retail for $55.50

Wholesale: However, if you want to enjoy a significant discount, you can sign up for a wholesale account which is similar to a Costco membership ($49 for the first year, and $25 per year to renew). This membership doesn’t require you to meet any monthly minimums or distribute the products. You can simply use it for the discount for the year and renew if you’d like.

Benefits of a wholesale account:

30%+ off all Organo products, year-round.

King coffee drops from $55.50/box to $37/box
Royal coffee drops from $49.50/box to $33/box
Black coffee drops from $33/box to $22/box

Discount includes all Organo products

Steps for setting up a wholesale account:

  1. Click this link, choose where you live, then click “Join Now” at the top right.
  2. Click English and ‘Distribution Partner Sign Up’ (again, this is wholesale, but with an option to distribute if you choose – no pressure to sell!).
  3. Click the English ‘Starter Kit’ $49.95 to your order
  4. Select ‘Autoship Selection’. Here you can choose to have items placed on autoship, or simply select ‘Skip Autoship and make purchases on an as-needed basis’.
  5. Complete your personal information and select a username/password.
  6. Your ‘business site address’ is your affiliate URL. For example, mine is actbishop. Yours could be your name (it really doesn’t matter).
  7. Select ‘Payment Info’. Complete your purchase and sign up!
  8. Then I would buy the king coffee right after in a separate order to reflect the new discounted price.

If you need help let me know! You can email me – or message me on instagram

My distributor #: 10002293883

Feel free to tag me in your social media posts! I love to see how you’re enjoying these products 🙂 @amandacwellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is King Coffee more expensive?

The King coffee is more expensive for two reasons.

  • The King Coffee is organic
  • The king coffee contains a therapeutic dose of reishi spores (17-80x potency of lucidum (Reishi) mushroom). The outer cracked shell of the reishi mushroom takes 5-7 months to harvest. It takes 2,000 lb of spore powder to make 2 lb of Spore capsules. This spore powder is infused into the king coffee.

 How does it taste?

Many people wonder about the taste of these coffee products. Don’t worry, they don’t taste like mushrooms but offer bold flavors of coffee. For those who don’t drink coffee, Organo also has spore capsule options here and tea’s as well!

What about pregnancy/breastfeeding?

Many pregnant or nursing moms consume Reishi products, but you should check with your physician.

Why do I need to enter my SSN for wholesale?

When setting up a wholesale account, you’ll be asked for your SSN. This is required only for tax purposes and doesn’t mean you have to distribute the products.


Why wait? Start your journey towards better health with Organo products today!

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