I’m here to empower you in your journey to more JOY, BALANCE & PEACE with a whole body approach

Let’s get to the Root Cause of what is getting in your way to feel your absolute best!

Hey there, I’m Amanda

I’m a Root Cause Practitioner. Entrepreneur. Wife. Dog Mom. 

My own health journey inspired me to embrace holistic health, find the underlying root causes and address them to take back my health, allowing the body to heal itself.
Women’s health often lacks a bio-individual approach, not supporting the different phases Women go through.
My approach promotes balance, focusing on achievable changes instead of an all-or-nothing mindset.

I strive to support women, particularly those facing hormonal challenges like PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, and preconception planning, empowering them to feel their best and bridge the gap in women’s health support.




Manage Stress

Move the body

Non-Toxic Beauty Habits


Ready To Create An Action Plan For Your Health?

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Root Cause Program

Work with Amanda 1:1 to get to the bottom of your symptoms while learning to also nourish your body with what it’s asking for! The most comprehensive support option.

Nutritional Therapy Review

Get  support from Amanda when it comes to holistic nutrition, lifestyle and other supports you may need.

Functional Lab Review

If you’re just looking for some insight on recent lab work or CBH scan you would like Amanda to go over with you.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life

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The Real Food Shift 101

Why is eating real food important? Isn't what's at the grocery store considered real food? Isn't eating organic expensive? How will I have the time? These are all great questions and let's start with the basics because this shift to "real food" can be overwhelming....

Are parasites to blame for chronic health issues?

When bringing up parasites to clients or people I know, I often get a side-eye look as if I’m crazy for even mentioning parasites.  “I haven’t been to a third-world country!” “I don’t have any pets!” “I have good hygiene practices, there’s NO way!” All of these...

My Healing Journey Part I

  It hasn’t been an easy journey with my health over the years.. it’s honestly hard to know when my health issues even began because most of my life I struggled with some sort of issue after another. I just figured it was “how I am” and just a part of me.  When it...

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